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A Beautifully textured musical journey from Scott Grice

A new album release from Scott Grice aka Scott Grice Projects is an incredibly lush and cinematic powerhouse of chapters and journeys that take you through different places and emotions as well sometimes and it's all done with an array of crisp and full-bodied instrumentation that comes through as this indie-pop but with orchestrated EDM undertones.

The songs on the Into the Mind Vol I album are gorgeous, haunting, and engulfing as well as driving, uplifting, and deepening. This record boasts an outstanding set of textures and sounds that all bleed into each other. Sometimes with an eerie feeling, sometimes with a peaceful one.

Ther e are many layers to sort of peel back along the course of this record and it's all got its beauty. The fun of it is the boundless tonalites. The freeing and vast soundscapes of swelling and breathing song that have a way of washing you away with them at every corner.

You get some killer grooves through the process, and you can't help but picture these neon lit cityscapes and ruins from time to time as you also can't control the post-apocalyptic pop soundtrack vibe. It's there and it feel existential. Powerful. Its weight is heavy and aware of itself.

Awesome synths and keys all over this release give it such a texture and touches of grit and edginess fly in and out between sets of blissful melodies and then swim back down into a different place all together. But it takes you with it. Every time. And it's worth the trip.

The sci-fi undertones are strong. The ability to cause memories and thoughts to pop into your brain is powerful. This record has a ton to soak in and its best done with headphones.

This is meant to be heard as a whole, so please do just that. You owe it to yourself to listen to this record and unplug.

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