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A Beautifully Crafted Single From Bernice Marsala

A new single release from Bernice Marsala gives off a very honest and upfront approach with an edgy but beautifully flowing pop soundscape that comes through almost orchestrated and cinematic at times with lush instrumentation and enough character for you to latch right onto.

"Lights Out" is quite a beautifully crafted single especially production-wise, because there are a lot of layers happening that can be peeled back and, in the end, you get such an emotionally driven track about a struggle which I think is such a brutal honesty that a lot of artists are not willing to go to.

The vocal performance alone lends so much to the atmosphere of the song in general and at times they're just used as instruments themselves and are floating through the song's ether giving it a bigger and more robust texture.

There is definitely a lot of attention to detail during the creation of the song and everything is woven so intricately but it never loses that Persona that it began within the first place and that may be the most important aspect about the entire thing.

This to me feels like a song that was cathartic for the artist to actually write and release but for the listener, it can be very relatable and can make them feel like maybe they're not alone in whatever particular struggle they're going through.

This song can be taken in a few different ways depending on who's listening to it of course and that's part of the beauty of music in general, however, to me this is a song about a certain kind of depression or like I said, a struggle that someone is going through putting them in a dark place.

This is not an easy thing to tackle musically let alone having the ability to even articulate those thoughts and feelings allowed the way that she does here.

This was performed by someone who has a real love for what she does and writes songs that come from genuine situations, feelings, or places which is incredibly important when it comes down to it.

I am definitely into the theatrical undertone that sticks heavily throughout this song because he gives it that really massive and almost vast feeling.

After listening to this track, I took it upon myself to take a little bit of a deep dive into the back catalog of Bernice Marsala and I'm glad that I did because she's been releasing stuff on Spotify since 2020 and each release whether it be a single or a full-length album speaks volumes for the artist and who she was at that time.

When I find an artist that I really like it is very joyous to me to be able to follow the evolution of that artist from when they began, to now, because it gives you a glimpse into who they are and with Bernice it's very in-depth.

I would suggest starting with this track and working your way back through her catalog especially if you like music that makes you think or makes you feel because this is the kind of ours that gives you both.

I'm going to give this a nine out of 10 because the song has authenticity, amazing production, and a flawless performance through and through.

Check this out as soon as you get a chance, and you won't be disappointed.

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