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A beautiful Release From Sine

A new single release from Sine brings out a subtly lush and organically driven soundscape that has these natural swells and sways built into it so that the song comes through feeling like it's alive and breathing which is a beautiful attribute.

"Signs of Light" hits like a cinematic piece that's electronically undertone but orchestrated and put together with attention to detail but with also a natural and flowing forward movement to it that makes it so alluring and the whole thing can just wrap itself around you and in the end let you get washed away with everything.

It's all quite beautifully done and the way that the textures are built-in and melted into each other throughout the song's course is well thought out because those textures are what give the song that life and the way that the arrangement unravels is so almost fantastical and dreamlike that you sort of find yourself floating a few feet above the ground while you listen to it.

There's something strangely nostalgic about this track and that could be the use of keys and scents that are involved with it as the track does have beautiful synth pads that float through the song's ether and fit lusciously underneath the upfront melodies and keys which does indeed give the song these sorts of layers.

It is very easy to just get engulfed by the vibes and the sounds of this track and I think that's part of the point of the whole thing.

This is an instrumental piece that delivers a little bit of emotional drive but also can create vivid images that just pop up in your head at random sometimes even memories of your own.

I find this very intriguing and alluring and this is something that lets the song serve as a little bit of an escape even for just a moment in time.

Even for just that four and a half minutes, you get to really step out of your reality for a little bit and see where the music takes you in your mind which I find so enlightening.

I feel like this is what certain kinds of music is made for, but a lot of attempts can sort of fail because they're trying too hard.

With this track it's perfectly done and everything again, feels so incredibly natural that you end up just drifting along with it and it's almost like laying face up in a lake floating along, staring at the stars in the night sky and remembering your past.

There's something warming about it and it's welcoming.

It's strange how certain kinds of music like this, can almost feel like a hug from a loved one that you missed over the past couple of years.

This is for people that enjoy music that makes you feel something and that makes your brain work in different ways.

This music sparks your imagination and parks your memories.

In my opinion, we need much more music like this so that we can be free with ourselves for a little bit.

Checking out some of the past catalogs from Sine after listening to this track was immense because there is so much amazing material released over the years that you can spend days just sifting through it all and believe me, it's an amazing time.

This is some beautifully performed and arranged material that is all very well thought out but always has a certain kind of soul and heart to it.

A 9 out of 10 easy.

Check this out with headphones on and your eyes closed and see what happens.

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