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A Beautiful New Single From Lorenzo Cimino

A recent single release from Lorenzo Cimino gives a beautiful and cinematic undertone that beckons classic almost noir city vibes and the mystery that comes along with it and it's all done with a beautiful passion that comes through with almost every note played from beginning to end.

"Three for Freedom" is a jazz instrumental that features trumpet, guitar, piano, and more that all come together to build a certain atmosphere that is able to pick you up and take you out of your own reality and into a different one for a moment in time.

This track is a beautiful form of escapism and it's something that I haven't heard in music for quite some time so to hear it now is very refreshing.

The song has layers to it and of course that changes in terms of the emotional aspect and the textures change along with those emotions.

This does indeed have heavily cinematic feel to it and the combination of players that he's brought together for this track is outstanding because it's all a group of incredibly seasoned musicians with a lot of releases under the belt and an actual love for their craft.

I think part of being able to create a song that takes on such character and persona is to be able to bring the right players together to get the idea out.

This goes for all genres of music by the way, not just jazz or orchestral for example.

It works this way for rock music and pop music, and all the rest.

Each instrument on this track gives its own persona and those personas put together is what makes this so rich and lush in its own right.

I love the sort of Journey that it takes you on and how the song can cause certain images or even memories of your own to pop into your head at random.

Songs that make you feel and music that makes you think are really important in life because without them we have less direction and less color in our everyday.

This was done with a wonderful gracefulness that takes the right people to create and it feels like the guys had a really good time making this song.

You can't help but sort of picture this group of instrumentalists sitting in a room and recording a track like this and how you just sit and all and watch wow they make music out of thin air, and you end up feeling something from it.

It's really quite an intense thing at times but it can also be very calming.

This was an absolutely gorgeous track and gave me something I've been missing for quite some time when it comes to music.

I would give this an easy 8 out of 10 and suggest that you take the listen to this one with headphones on, eyes closed, and see where it takes you.

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