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A Beautiful LP Release From Rainy Is Here

If you're not really familiar with the artist by the name of Rainy just yet, then let us be among the first to introduce you because the latest and very new album release from the artist shows an outstanding and somewhat unique approach to songwriting as he keeps these warm and welcoming tones but does so with somewhat excitable time signatures in rhythms.

The album is called Fell For The World and it is enlightening and has a way of tapping into grooves that you may not have known existed in the form of acoustic jam songs.

The record has such a wide display of personality and variation in approaches but everything connects to each other so there is a glue here that, as you listen to the record, you quickly realize is part of his staple sound.

There's very little about this record that isn't unique and a little bit outside the box which is amazing.

The album is made with a lot of love and that is what's sort of showcased on the front end although there are layers to be peeled back.

Beautiful acoustic guitar sounds and progressions done throughout the entire record leave you completely satiated and satisfied when it's all over.

Although there are definitely more than a handful of tracks that feel like singles and stand on their own two feet, this album is something that you can soak in as a whole.

One of the best things about this release is that it's built with these rhythmic flares that you start to become attached to and begin to expect more of as you listen through the album.

This is the thing that stands out so much about this LP.

It's got its own personality and the songs seem attached to each other in various ways whether it be rhythmically or lyrically, and I think that's something quite unique.

You're definitely getting actual stories from the artist's life almost like reading chapters of a book which is part of why going through the whole album at one time is the best way to do this.

We all understand that not all of us have a ton of time but pop this on the drive home from work for example.

When you get home, you'll feel more refreshed than you think.

A wonderful and warm record from an artist that truly stands out from the crowd, check this record out when you can.

You'll be glad you did.

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