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A Beautiful Escape with Martin Graff

A beautiful and intense new single from Martin Graff delivers a set of gracefully performed melodies, progressions, and Arrangements that are all warming and at times cinematic, but it's all done with this sort of heart and character that you end up grabbing on to and this is what wraps around you and keeps you right where it wants to.

"Window Rain" certainly has touches of jazz undertone and surprises around some of the corners in terms of the changes and progressions, but it all has this beautiful flow, and the composition is alive and breathing with these different sections because it has ways of swaying and swelling.

The song is a beautiful escape and certainly has a way of giving you hints of nostalgia as memories can pop into your head at random while listening to this track but I think that's part of the beauty of the connection that the song delivers.

It's a journey that your mind takes when listening to this piece and like a lot of instrumental and classical pieces of music, it's the person who's listening that controls that journey but it's the music that takes you along for it.

This single is part of a series released from Martin called Trips for Piano and the whole theme behind it is listening to the music and seeing where it lets your mind go.

This is an absolutely engaging and immersive experience because it does indeed let your mind take you to different places by listening to the notes and the music, the performances, and the changes in intensity and mood.

All of these things take place in the music that Martin performs and it's such a wondrous form of escapism that it has the ability to change your whole mindset within 3 minutes.

Martin is a composer based in Virginia and has already received accolades for his performance as a classical pianist but for him, it all started when his family inherited an old piano when Martin was only 4 years old.

His work is all performed with a certain kind of passion, honesty, heart, and personality and all of this comes through in those notes being played.

I absolutely adore a musician and artist like Martin because he's certainly someone who has fallen deeply in love with his craft and wants nothing more than to share it with the world so that they can feel something from it and this is not only a rarity, but it's completely refreshing and what true Artistry is all about to an extent.

But, don't take it from me, have a listen to some of these songs and join Martin for some trips for piano because everyone needs a bit of an escape, even if it's deep into your mind, but doing it this way is freeing in a sense and feels amazing.

Have a listen to Martin Graff and see how it affects you.

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