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A beautiful and Lush single from Olen Filipe

A beautiful new single release from Olen Filipe comes through with a sort of warming light that has a way of wrapping itself around you and keeping you afloat a few inches above the ground the entire time and I think this comes along with the song's vast undertone but intense character.

"Home 17" is quite beautiful and has a lot of love weaving in and out of it along with such a lush honesty that you can't really look away from it.

The track has such a wonderful way of building and the whole thing comes in sort of waves giving the song the feel of being alive and breathing in its own way and that to me is such a genius approach.

The track is so welcoming and touching that it can cause memories of your own to pop into your head at random and I think that's a beautiful connection to make with any kind of music in any genre.

This track has a dream pop element to it but it also has an indie pop backbone that's all driven by a sort of cinematic soundscape with textures that mend together and build creating this atmosphere that you end up falling right into.

The song has a beautiful ambience to it and comes through heartfelt, especially vocally because it's sung with passion pencil along with beautiful and lush vocal harmonies and really compliments the music very well.

I really enjoy the feeling that this track gives me and how it takes this almost R&B approach and blends it into an indie pop and dream pop atmosphere so well that it's completely natural.

I also love how it's got some surprises around its corners that you don't expect when they happen and it all adds to the persona of the track, and throughout it all you can certainly tell this all came from someplace real which makes it so incredibly authentic and relatable.

By the time you get to that last chorus in the song, everything is bigger and fully orchestrated with I'm more intense level of impactful elements and vibrancy and I think that's a really smart way to let the song have a natural growth.

What's more, is the mix of the track as well because it was attentive to the details involved in balancing the tones and levels of all the instrumentation that's happening throughout the song.

I can only Imagine how difficult it would be to mix a track like this so that it has that growth in intensity as you go deeper into it and although there was so much attention to that kind of detail in the creation and the mix of the song, and never loses that hard or that character that it starts with in the first place and this may be the most important factor of it all.

It is songs like this that make you think and make you feel and I need more of this in music because I think that's part of what it's for.

I feel like this release may have been cathartic for Olen to release and create but for the listener it's understandable, and relatable which again, forms that connection between the listener and the artist.

A powerful single with an orchestrated approach that really hits all the sweet spots for multiple genres and most importantly for emotional value.

Dive into this song with headphones on because I feel like that's one of the best ways to listen to it.

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