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Wynter Reyne

I'm Wynter Reyne, a sci-fi and Star Wars nerd lover (yes, I said nerd lover intentionally). I am learning to embrace my identity as an autistic alt-pop artist. Yes, the combination is a bit weird, but that's what makes me, well, me. Originating from Orange County, California, USA, I'm on a mission to connect with incredible individuals who share a passion for music. STIGMA marks my debut as a vocalist, but my journey in the music world extends beyond singing– I've written songs for indie artists like Natixx and even have several songs on hold with HYBE Entertainment for major K-pop artists. In launching this first ever campaign, my primary aim is to garner exposure. Your support, even if it means only sharing this song with your inner circle, is priceless to me. If you find yourself resonating with this song and choose to help magnify my presence, that would mean the world to me. My song STIGMA encapsulates my experience as an outsider, navigating a world that often expects conformity from society. It's a spirited, uplifting anthem urging those who feel different to celebrate their uniqueness and advocate for change. This song is more than a melody; it's a call to break free from societal norms and embrace our own unique individuality.

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