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Whatever You Want Drops an "End Of Summer" Anthem

Whatever You Want releases their pop-punk anthem "End Of Summer" and it's an absolute love letter to summer and all that comes with it.

A powerful rock romp gives off a combination of classic pop-punk but also some hard hitting alternative tock with creative melody driven guitars and crew vocals chanting along like a final summer party send off.

For those who love summer as much as these guys do, it's a must as lyrics get detailed in the descriptions of the season and the fun to be had during it but also the creeping winter approaching as the sun disappears.

That being said, it sure is a damn fun song and the massive chorus only gets bigger as the song goes on.

This a brand new song that came at just the right time but I think we can expect more to come from Whatever You Want in the coming months. Or at least we hope so cause this band knows how to write a song that gets stuck in your head for hours at a time.


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