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Wendy Wang Gets Up Close And Personal With Her New Single

A brand-new single release from Wendy Wang gets intense and personal with an R&B undertone and a heartfelt and deepening feel that holds little back and comes through with a cinematic and moving sound.

"Will U Miss Me" is absolutely beautiful vocally with layers of textures that flow atop each other like water to the point that it's almost haunting.

The track is indeed emotionally driven, and she wears her heart on her sleeves with a brutally honest set of lyrics and this is part of why the song is so addicting.

It feels like lost love. It's a growing intensity that is completely relatable to most and boasts a braveness that is rarely seen or heard.

Then again, this is makes for a great song and showcases the artists ability to write a song that can really crawl under your skin and make a home there.

There is such a realness to it that it stays with you for quite some time after its ended.

You actually have so sort of snap yourself out of it once it's over and in a way, wish you wrote it for that someone yourself.

The single has a pop sensibility and backbone especially in that vocal performance and is filled with swelling sounds that create an atmosphere that becomes its own.

This was a graceful and powerful song that takes some courage to release and even create and Wang has put her all into it.

We suggest taking a good listen with some headphones to get the full effect.

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