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Wendy Shu Drops and anthem for todays youth

Wendy Shu just released a brand new pop single called "Makin' Love To The Night" and it's total anthem for todays youth.

The single has an honest and feel good guitar laced radio pop, live for tonight sound.

The whole thing is about getting older, remembering the good times, hanging on to friends and memories. It all works super well as the song has a catchy chorus and a cinematic undertone.

This is a colorful track that does feel alive and even gives some uplifting inspiration and sense of empowerment.

I think a lot of us could use a song like this right now. Focusing on the good. Feeling lucky to have good friends and family, and maybe most of all, looking ahead. It's about looking ahead and being excited knowing whatever is next, you'll never forget those who you love, or those who love you.

"Makin' Love To The Night" is a song full of love and appreciation. A great track from an up and coming young songwriter.

Check out Wendy Shu's single!

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