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Warren Faubion

My idea is to spearhead an Epoch Motion Picture, the St James Hotel or Lambert’s Inn. The Greatest Feature Length Epic Masterpiece of “All Time”. And it will support a minimum of 26 Television episodes as well. THAT’S IT No other set or location is as concentric as St James Hotel (Lamberts Inn) ran by Abraham Lincolns chef. William F Cody met Annie Oakley and organized his Wild West Show. Wyatt Earp, Billie the Kid, Bat Masterson , Waite Phillips (Started Phillips Petroleum). Zane grey wrote Westward Ho there. The list goes on. I invite you to look up the register of the St James Bullet Holes still all in the ceiling, 26 men were shot and killed at St James , I have researched and listened and hear the “old cowboys” saying if it is not recorded and we die its lost. Thank you for your time and consideration Warren Faubion

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