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Todd & Karen

Todd and Karen are currently included in over +350 Spotify playlists. The most recent submission is among others in the acclaimed Nordic Folk & Sonic Surge, reaching more than 500000 followers. Yet another of the greats was released on Friday, March 10, 2023, by the very charming Norwegian/Irish duo Todd & Karen. Needless to say “Blackpool Lights” is a tribute to an exciting place to be. Not as pretentious as its rivals in the West but certainly more cute, charismatic, delightful, and much more friendly in all aspects. Todd & Karen’s fifth song to be released recalls early The Kinks in its great arrangements, songwriting and lyrical play, and starts out with the really great and exciting “Do You Know What I’d Like to Do?”, and so the story begins. Enjoy & have a great ride. Cheers!

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