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The Tin Drum Family Band was born out of an unlikely space that Covid provided the Drummond family. Burleigh Drummond and Mary Harris (Tin Drum) married for 40 years and longtime veterans of the music world, recording and touring with Ambrosia, Tin Drum, Jimmy Buffett, Animal Logic, and The Lost Dogs, Mighty Mo Rodgers, etc., were suddenly home and reunited with their grown children Burleigh McDowall Drummond (Micky) and Sierra Drummond. And both son and daughter brought forth their own creativity having become accomplished writers and musicians in their own right. So four musicians stuck in the same house/studio, what do you do? You play in a band and record an album that the whole family contributes to, in a place that helped sustain and inspire you. “Emerson Street” will be available on all music streaming services November 24th, 2023. Burleigh Drummond 805-300-2776

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