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Thea Lissi Returns With A Compassionate New Single

Thea Liss returns with a personal pop ballad that reaches into a future pop sound by utilizing touches of retro undertones to go along with its flavorful and heartfelt R&B tonality and it all works too well.

The single is called "Do It All Again" and it feels like a warm hug from a loved one.

Vocals are engulfing and the song brings a beautiful flowing and open character as she wears her heart on her sleeve.

But this is what Lissi is known for. She releases singles that are coming from her inner thoughts and feelings. They hold little back in the way of lyrical content and her wonderful honesty.

This is all part of why her music is addictive. It's her personal touches and performance that really does it.

That's not to say her attitude is always the same because it's really not. Some songs are more aggressive or have a little extra edge to them where a track like "Do It All Again" is more submissive in a way.

It's about her experience and that it may have meant more than what was on the surface.

Very understandable and relatable to many people.

It also comes through with this floating pop sensibility but always stays grounded which is impressive in itself.

Thea Lissi always has something refreshing or a little different bring out and it's because she uses how she is feeling and rolls with it.

That makes for honest music, which makes for great music.

"I wrote "Do it all again" after finding what seemed like "my person". Then having that relationship end and wishing I could do it all again just to see them again. The first verse is from the perspective of how their touch/love affected me physically. ex. heart races, stomach flips etc.

Whereas the 2nd verse was me reminiscing on physical attributes he had that were distinct to him and how I wish I were as permanent as those physical attributes because then we'd still be together. Hope that makes sense.

Overall, I wrote DIA from the perspective of someone who is grieving after losing their "soulmate" and desperately clinging to the memories they have as those memories slowly fade." - Thea Lissi

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