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Thea Lissi Hits Us With An Inspirational & Heartfelt Single

Thea Lissi is back with a fresh swagger and a deep groove with her new single.

"Get Up Again" shows some serious soul and passion as per Lissi's staple sound and breathes with smooth guitars and haunting backing vocals that sneak in and out and float through the song's ether.

The single has a way of melting you where you stand. It breeds such heart and in true Thea Lissi fashion, it paints a vivid picture and becomes inspirational in such a way that you never really expected it to.

The artist uses such a colorful and emotionally driven palette to create her works and even when it's a little musically sullen or gloomy because it's about struggle, it gives such a gracefully delivered message of empowerment.

This is an artist to have on your playlist for when you need some drive. When you want to feel like maybe you're not alone in whatever fight you're fighting.

She is here to remind you that we all fight those fights, and we can get through it, and get up again.

Start a new day. Refresh. Breath and move forward.

It's really quite wonderful and the way the tracks come through is tasteful and real.

"Get Up Again: is set for release April 22nd and will hit everywhere so keep your ears open for this one.

In the meantime, you have lots to dig into from Lissi on her Spotify page. So, stop reading this, and go there.

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