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The Wonderful Performances Of James Robinson

A new release from James Robinson features some outstanding, luff, and beautiful guitar work in the form of a lush song concept that comes through as a piece that has a way of swimming through the air around you and it's quickly infectious as its rhythms reach out and grab you right from the get-go.

"Sunrise Raga" comes through with so much light and positive energy that it's very easy to embrace it and when you do so it feels amazing because this song Just oozes such wonderful energy from beginning to end that you never really wanted to stop.

This track has a lot going on and even percussion-wise has a sort of magical way of making you move.

This was such a beautifully woven track and performed with such a deep level of heart and love for the craft that it made me take a little bit of a deep dive into Robinson's back catalog and I'm awfully glad I did because upon doing so, I found a mass number of outstanding releases that just showcase his massive level of musicianship on the guitar.

Guitar players like James Robinson don't come along super often and when they do you don't really get such vast catalogs of wonderous releases so when you come across something like this it's really incredibly fun to go back through that of not just him as a person, guitarist, but also as a songwriter.

This is an important aspect to talk about right now because when people hear a guitar player like Robinson, they focus a lot of on the actual performance of the guitar of course.

This is a given, however what you should also be paying attention to the arrangements and pieces of music that he's actually writing and releasing because that is really where some other intricacies come in.

Is he an amazing guitarist? Of course.

You can hear this in almost any piece of music he's released since 1997 however, the songwriting has changed and evolved, and he's been able to adapt his styles of playing and his performances to the different characters and feels of the tracks he's been releasing.

Being able to adapt and change styles, be influenced by other things, and bring together soundscapes the way he does is one of the more impressive things to me.

The man has released everything from electric blues and rock covers to classical guitar works and everything is performed with such heart and such passion.

This is a person who absolutely fell in love with guitar playing and unlike most of us, never actually put it down and this is something that I'm a little bit in awe of because he's so worldly with his pieces of work that you never really know what to expect next from him.

"Sunrise Raga" is simply the latest in his gigantic and lush catalog of pieces written, covered, and released and this is someone with an actual career at forming guitar.

You have to have a real love for your instrument to be able to pull off this many years of colorful, creative, and character-riddled releases.

If you are a guitar player, or a fan of guitar working any facet, then this is an artist you want to get your hands on.

Whether you love jazz guitar or just jazz music in general, you listen to heavy rock or even heavy metal, you love classical music, you love blues, it doesn't matter.

James Robinson has a way of performing on the guitar and it's something for everyone to hear.

Take a listen to not just the single, but so much more of his catalog when you get a chance because it's all well worth your time and it's all able to create beautiful soundscapes for you to soak in.

I'm giving this a 9 out of 10, not just the song, but James Robertson as an artist and performer.

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