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The Warming And Natural Sounds Of Kendra Blethen

The latest release from Kendra Blethen is a beautifully woven and brightly performed down home folk song that feels like a warm hug on a cold day.

"Weathered Ones" has a smooth classic rock undertone and is absolutely passionately performed and just oozes heart and soul from beginning to end.

The track has layers of gorgeous guitars that float around the songs ether and keeps things really just slightly detached from reality for a bit. And I think we may all need that right now.

Acoustic accompany vocals that are softly belted out and fill the air with emotion and light.

Blethen has a naturally alluring vocal style and it's just very genuine feeling.

The artist has a way of making you feel like the song is just for you and your life which isn;t a normal thing to come by.

There is a strength in her subtly and softness that makes it bold and proud in a way. And that aspect is incredibly addictive.

It brings to mind Shannon Hoon who of course was the singer from Blind Melon but also had a number of wonderful solo records.

But she also has that classic rock lyrical approach that helps you feel like you're not alone in whatever fight you're fighting at the time.

This single as touching and warm, emotionally driven and passionate, and it makes for quite a cinematic and graceful piece.


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