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The Velka Kurva "Virus"Single Premier Is Here!

A fresh banger from Velka Kurva trashes with brutal heaviness and touches on classic styles as they bring that feel into a newer approach.

Vocals are straight up hardcore and the double kicks and guitars rip things up as half times change into craziness and suddenly break into a smooth bass and guitar solo section that gives the song added depth and fun.

"Virus" is destructive, and they had some good times with distorted tremolo screaming vocals that bounce and call back with the leads and everything comes together with a crushing fire.

And this track certainly has fire behind it. There is plenty of action and a fierce approach that makes you want to start a pit wherever you are really.

Of course, this may not be the best idea unless you're watching Velka Kurva live.

These guys have that live mentality and style that takes the thrash of it all to a new level.

Velka brings the perfect amount of aggression and swagger to hardcore and metal and does it tastefully to boot.

But don't take our word for it. Take a listen to the track below and make some room for to bang your head.

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