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The Unique flavor of Kasper Park

The latest release from Kasper Park is a killer hip hop track that portrays a mysterious and crisp flow with an undertone that touches on R&B and give s off a fresh and lively energy from start to finish.

"Hit My Phone" is incredibly catchy and comes with some specifically perfected production that walks the border between a h and lo-fi underground feels.

The track has the feel of a track you'd hear on the radio od the club and has all kinds of great keys and synths going on along with layers of vocals that saturate the atmosphere of the track and create a vibe right from the get-go.

The single has a unique style and feel to it but so does Kasper Park as a whole.

The artist boasts a swagger and energy that's undeniable and also quite addicting.

"Hit My Phone" is the latest as of now but if you like this track, you're going to love the rest of the catalogue for sure.

Kasper Park is one of those artists where you end up likin the artist and not just one song.

He's his own brand and we're going to enjoy watching it grow.

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