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The Sultry pop feels of Rachel curtis

A fresh single from Rachel Curtis delves into a colorful indie pop sound and drops plenty of swagger vocally to make something that hits with an alluring feel.

"I Don't Like It" oozes attitude and passion while combining guitars and retro synths that fuse with a 90's beat and incorporate string sections that give everything an almost orchestral sheen at times.

This track has style and comes off smooth as hell with those sultry vocals and airy soundscape.

The single has a killer radio feel and is incredibly addictive when it comes to melody and character.

The music video for the song is complimentary to her character as well as she moves with a sort of intensity and heat along with a comic effect that keeps things light, like the song. itself.

Curtis always has this wonderful almost dream-like feeling to her songwriting that really flows and "I Don't Like It" has that air surrounding it.

Her previous single "Strobe Lights" is a perfect example of her dreamy vibes.

"I Don't Like It" ventures into a different pop style but her staple sound doesn't go anywhere.

The video is below for your viewing pleasure and it premiers today everywhere.

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