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Echolocation by The Spring Verdict

The latest release from The Spring Verdict is an incredibly in-depth venture into the world of alternative and indie pop genres and with a warming and a bit unique of an approach, there are more than a few gems in this release that may just get your attention.

The release is an album of songs that read into the artists insight and life happenings and tell stories to an extent, that are heard by way of a robust key and synth driven sound that has a way of breeding a certain presence that you being to feed into and end up wanting more and more of.

There is a bit of a diversity in the array of songwriting on this album, but the songs do all seem to fit into each other like puzzle pieces and make just as much of sense together as they do on their own.

You get an almost 90's rock and pop feel half the time at least even when the music isn't rock. Even when the music is big pop catchiness and bright but edgy fun, you still get hints of an alternative rock thing happening.

This was a very very cool record and there are some incredible singles on it that sound amazing now, but had they been on the radio a few years back, would have been instant hits.

So, the name of this record is called Echolocation and the artwork and title do give a sense of ambience which is also very present on the recordings.

The songwriting is spot on and the performances all right into place with that.

The entire aesthetic is authentic, and this record is just well put together.

The Spring Verdict is one to keep an eye on.

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