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The Soulful Music Of Don't Call me Tina

A recent release from Don't Call Me Tina touches on a combination of a 90s grunge rock undertone with a pop Sensibility and all of it is bursting with character and color that really right in and gets you paying close attention.

"Hey! I Need a Friend" is an absolute banger, but it's got layers to it as well so you're able to kind of get attached to the whole vibe of the track quickly and I think that the sonic tonality of this track is really what nails the whole 90s rock aesthetic for me.

She's got the attitude and the vocals down because they're delivered with that mass amount of personality and hints of quirkiness along with bursts of soulful licks and that element brought to the harder rock backbone is really what works so well.

All in all, it has something for you to grab onto and hold on tight and even during the softer parts where the guitars go clean or less dirty if you would, the tonality then is spot on for that aesthetic.

This band takes a great approach to a lively blues undertoned, heavy rock outfit and gives it the feeling of being alive and breathing.

Upon listening to the single I took it upon myself to listen to a few other releases in the back catalog and to my incredibly pleasant surprise I found some other singles that really hit in such different ways that it shows the various songwriting sides of not only the vocals but the band as well and how everyone in the group can sort of adapt to whatever song is happening.

For example, another recent single called "I'm Not Human" goes way more of a blues southern soul and features organs, slide guitars, and a different sort of lush instrumentation and performance that gives the song a completely different feel from the last.

I love a project, a band, or an artist that can change and evolve with the songs that they're releasing.

I think that's what musicians are supposed to do.

Evolve, change, and grow but never be afraid to show it.

Another new single called "Mama" shows yet another side that post a little bit more of that rock sound again, but the vocals are just intense and packed with harmonies half the time along with this dreamy sort of undertone that lets you feel like you're floating a few feet above the ground.

I love the dynamic songwriting styles and approaches that this project is able to pull off and how they can do it without a hitch and with charm to boot.

Don't Call Me Tina is now one of my favorite new projects and for good reason.

The songs are honest, they tell stories from personal perspectives, their emotionally driven, they're catchy and memorable, when they want to rock they really rock, and when they want to present in a different undertone than they do that.

It's not Reinventing the wheel, but it's putting a personal spin on something while keeping less boundaries than their predecessors.

That is a beautiful thing.

Check all of these tracks out when you get a chance, because if you like one you're going to like the rest of them and they're all worth your time.

I'm giving this whole project, not just the new song, but the whole project, and 9 out of 10 straight up.

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