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The Old Revival "Van Halen" Premier Is Here!

The Old Revival is back with an amazingly catchy pop rock single that bleeds heart and is fueled by a nostalgic feeling and good times of youth.

"Van Halen" is brimming with excellent lead guitar work, harmonies and vocal changes that drift into a massive and impactful chorus that makes everything so epic that the feeling is infectious.

There are crew vocals and sing along sections, gorgeous bendy solos and this colorful and vibrant tone that creates such a lively sound that you want to hear it again as soon as it's over.

This track has guts and glory, classic tones and choruses that explode with energy and danceable rock fun.

This was a damn good time, and you can pretty much hear the fun these guys had doing this song.

The Old Revival always gives off something fresh when they drop a song and it's no surprise that this one takes the cake in terms of catchy radio rock.

Crank this one and we promise by the third chorus you'll be singing it with the band.

Thanks for giving us some arena rock when we needed it guys!

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