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The Old Revival Sets The new Standard In Rock Singles

The Old Revival is back once again with a powerful and incredibly soulful rock opus.

"Purgatory Row" starts off with a passionate performed piano ballad style intro and it has such enticing vocals you get sucked right in.

Suddenly BOOM! The track explodes into a rock powerhouse and it's anthemic and huge sound is enough for you to crank it as loud as you can.

The track brings together pop-punk, classic rock, and alternative rock and brings combinations of bands like My Chemical Romance, The Darkness, Queen, and so much more all rolled up into one huge track.

This track is blistering and has a summer feel to it in a way which is perfect.

The single is packed with melodic backing vocals, and addictive riff, and damn, the energy is crazy.

We love the video it comes with because it's basically like seeing them perform live. You get the feel of the bands raw presence and passion for what they do.

We've had some great songs from The Old Revival but this is a legend of a single and we love the direction the band is headed as you can raise your hands in the air, sing along, and rock out to this one.

So grab something to hold onto, turn it up, and watch the video below for "Purgatory Row" as it is certainly creating a new foundation for the band to take over arena rock as we know it.

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