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The Losers Club Has A Bright And Brutally Honest New Single

The latest from The Losers Club is a damn fun romp through alt-pop punk riffs and up swing rhythms that fuse with addictive vocal melodies and a greasy fuzztone bass line that doesn;t quit.

"Lights Out Loud" is laced with honest lyrics and comes from a personal place and is wonderfully churned into a catchy and radio friendly pop song with bendy guitars and crew vocals.

The sound brings to mind bands like Brand New, Alkaline Trio, and even Saves The Day.

The single has loads of hooks both musically and vocally and the track is certainly a jump up and down or sing it out loud in the car type of banger.

It's bright and vibrant energy is infectious and it feels like watching a live performance which is because of how the members feed off of each others energies throughout the songs course.

Anyone that has a love for pop-punk will fall right in love with this song and it's hands in the air feel.

One of the best things about this is it's open book lyrics and how the song actually talks about some real deal stuff but in true pop-punk form.

These guys are absolutely killer and "Lights Out Loud" is just the latest in a string of singles released from The Losers Club since 2020.

All the songs have a youthful tonality and each one has a little something new to bring to the table.

The Losers Club is paving their way in the punk world and touching on that radio summer feel with their sound.

Where do we sign up to be a member of this club? I don't know but I want in.

For now, I'll take this single and the rest of their library of songs they have to offer.

One of the best new bands of the genre hands down. Dig into the Losers Club.

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