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The Losers club "Freak Like Me" premier

The Losers Club is back with a new single that brings things to a whole new level.

Who exactly are The Losers Club you ask? They're a pop-punk outfit that drops songs bordering on alternative rock but keeps to their gut with true, bright and powerful pop-punk chorus lines and riffs that get you moving.

Where have these guys been? Nowhere really. They never really left. But the new release from the band is not only one, but two singles dropped as an A-Side/B-Side today, and goddamn are they both tasty tracks.

Although both songs are bangers in their own way, the first of the two singles dubbed "Freak Like Me" is a track that really hits the ground running and will have you jumping around in your seat within seconds flat.

The track has all the anthemic vocals and catchy guitar hooks (something we've missed in music for a long time) that you can handle.

By the second chorus you're singing along with its youthful and powerful, fists in the air pop-punk fun. You'll be chanting "You're a freak like me" in no time.

The tracks endless energy is the way of the band in general and this one really portrays their whole attitude and presence super well.

The second of the two single is called "Sunday Blues" and although this one has a little bit of a different feel, it still captures all those things that made you fall in love with The Losers Club in the first place.

You can damn well expect some music videos coming from the band for these tracks and you can find plenty of other killer songs released from the band at their Spotify and if you dig even one song, you sure will dig every one of them.

They're that kind of band.

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