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The Living Ghosts Drop A Killer Hard Rock SIngle

The Living Ghosts dropped a brand new single that will absolutely get your moving with a punk undertone and a bright and alive style and feel. "Wake Up" is a colorful alternative rock track with a ton of attitude and comes through really danceable. It will absolutely get you going and the guitar work on this song is outstanding. The air is just filled with some killer textured feels and the track breathes and sways while packing quite a punch. This is a true to heart rock song with a real deal passionate vocal performance and a killer gusto from start to finish. This single has a lot of soul involved and tons of heart all over it. For the most part, it actually has a bit of a live feel to it like you're watching them play right in front of you. Especially the breakdown section where there is an amazing lead guitar section that really makes you wanna jump around with the song's up swing feel. There's some awesome lyrical phrasing and power that hits you when you least expect it and it's so good you have to snap yourself out of it. That's how it is for this entire track. You have to shake it off cause it sort of takes you over. This is an attention grabber and will stop you in your tracks to go find out who that is playing. A complete powerhouse of a single from The Living Ghosts, "Wake Up" will certainly do just that. Wake you right up. Dig in!

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