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The Human Wave Released a 90's Alt Pop Single With "Butterflies And Drones"

A fresh single dropped from The Human Wave fuses 90's alt pop with a pop rock style to create a lush sound and presence.

"Butterflies And Drones" is packed with organs, growing synths and keys, and passionate belting vocals along with a colorful sonic tonality.

The track does have a touch of a cinematic feel and you can see it as the intro to a TV show of some sort as the acoustic guitars intro and outro the songs driving feel.

There is a dramatic effect to the song as well that comes through as the song grows more intense towards the end.

These guys certainly know how to write a tack that hooks you in and keeps you there.

That 90's pop aesthetic is strong and boasts a great tone for the song as it shows a certain energy that really shines.

There is no denying the bands rock influences and you can definitely hear the heart that went into the song.

The Human Wave has a love for their craft that you can actually hear in the music.

"Butterflies and Drones" is a debut track from the group and we can only hope to hear more like this in the near future from these guys.

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