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The colorful and edgy world of Polemica

A new album release from Polemica brings out a vivacious and electric blend of alternative pop, rock, grunge, and this incredibly satiating character that you end up getting attached to because you let it just sort of feed into you and this is something that I find incredibly unique about the whole record.

The ...And Now... album surely breaks down certain barriers in his release with fewer boundaries than its predecessors and this record screams out Swagger and persona but in a unique approach and style because it's got this punch to it and the songs are very edgy at times but it's also this energy that's put forth throughout the whole thing that really grabs you.

These tracks feel like you're watching a live performance and it's mainly because of the energy level that's just exuded throughout the record, and it really doesn't let up.

Yes, some tracks have more of a mellow vibe with chill undertones, but it never loses that character the entire time and they're still this vigorous energy behind even those tracks that become so addicting and infectious that that ends up being what you expect for the next track as well.

This is all awesome because this gives you a staple sound which is exactly what Polemica has.

There are plenty of surprises around the corners and layers to be peeled back especially lyrically a lot of the time because these songs make you think but mostly you step away feeling like you just had an experience and that's what this ends up being.

This is certainly more an experience than just an album and if anything, it makes you want to see this all perform live right in your face because if the energy is captured like this on the recording, then seeing them perform live in front of you must be outstanding.

These are great attributes to look for in a band or an artist and this record boasts so much lush performance and genre-bending that it's incredible.

This is an edgy and alternative pop record but there is no exact genre that I would ever put this under.

The songs vary and change as do the tonalities at times.

Some would call this indie rock while others would call it pop.

I don't think any of that matters in terms of naming a genre. I think what matters is that this record is the kind of record that stays with you and when you step away from it after it's ended it affects you a little bit.

It's like an escape. It feels like you just read a book or watched a film and have forgotten about your surroundings for a chunk of time and that to me, is a gift that only certain kinds of albums can give.

This record was vast, robust, theatrical, character-riddled, danceable, fierce, fun, colorful, and so much more.

Some songs stand out as singles for sure, but I would heavily suggest listening to this record in full, from beginning to end, because I think that's just the way it was meant to be soaked in.

Like I said before, it's almost like you are watching a play and decide to just get up and leave before the last act.

Take a deep dive into this strange and addictive world when you get a chance because you most certainly will not regret it and you might not even come out of it the same.

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