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The cinematic Sounds of Galliano Sommavilla

Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Galliano Sommavilla has been releasing instrumental pieces for years and each one breathes and has a life all it's own.

His works range from cinematic compositions to contemporary pop and plenty in-between.

A pianist at heart, Sommavilla used his keys to create massive soundscapes and most of his material comes through with emotion and color.

One of his latest songs, "Ghost" is indeed a haunting and ambient track with a swelling and deep feel. An engulfing song that trickles under your skin and at times even has a mystical aesthetic, this single feels like being stuck in a dark house on a quiet night and feeling like you're not alone when you know you are.

There is a touch of ethereal vibes coming through and the track is laced with strings, piano, and an eerie guitar hook.

Sommavilla's songs have different vibes and he has an uncanny ability to paint a picture with his sounds as emotion and even stories come through the music itself clear as day. Free to take on your own interpretation with each song.

It's been quite sometime since you've heard instrumental pieces that can bring up such vibrant images in your head.

There is a huge catalog of amazing works from this songwriter and one of the best places to listen is on his soundcloud page.

But you can also check out his website to get more info.

Either way Galliano Sommavilla is a master of his craft and you should check it out as soon as possible.

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