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The Chris Greene Quartet Thrives With A New Jazz Fusion Release

A new release from the Chris Greene Quartet sends you soaring into a jazz frenzy with passionately performed and alive feeling instrumentation that lets pieces scatter and fall back together like puzzle pieces.

The album is called Playspace 2: Play Harder and it seems like they are certainly playing hard indeed and feeding off of each other's energies the entire time in true jazz fashion.

This album features some outstanding piano, drumming and percussion, saxophone and upright bass and it all gives a warm but crisp and clean feel.

The changes are robust, and the pieces are full-bodied and they all seem to breathe and swell, calm down and pick back up with such vibrancy and color that it's one of the most fulfilling records you've heard in quite some time.

This album is absolutely massive with songs that reach over 15 minutes at times and each track has its own vibe. Its own lifestyle and grooves.

You get such vivid imagery that just pops into your head at times and the palette this group paints with is refreshing and feels great to listen to both loud and lower in volume.

You can chill and relax or get up and feel the liveliness oozing from this quartet. Either way you're getting your fill and it's worth every second.

That live performance thrill is long lasting and right in your face and it's so cool that you end up wanting 15-minute songs to last even longer.

This is for true fans of all kinds of jazz, fusion funk, and a genuine soul style of music.

Now, listening to a few tracks is great but if you really want to soak in what they have to give, the whole album is a must for sure. Varying undertones and vibes span wide across the course of this release and it's best to let it all engulf you.

This group also has Plenty of bountiful releases coated in heart and improvisational soul so if you dig this record, you'll dig them all.

So come dive into this release and check out the rest of the Chris Greene Quartet catalog. You'll be glad you did.





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