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The Badly Behaved

The Badly Behaved released their rendition of Bobby O's 1982 hit ‘She Has A Way’ as a 5-track EP on the 29th September 2023. The E.P. features five distinct cover versions of the timeless classic. ‘She Has A Way’ is a 'girl-meets-boy' anthem, taking listeners on a captivating journey through a world were manipulation and materialism reign supreme. The unforgettable chorus line, "She has a way of getting what she wants," and the biting verse, "She has a way, and you will pay, that's 'cause the bills come to you," paint a vivid picture of the power dynamics at play in this enthralling narrative. The Badly Behaved's interpretation of ‘She Has A Way’ is a masterful fusion of synth-rich melodies and a captivating dance beat that will leave listeners on the edge of their seats. This original cover version boasts significantly less percussion than Bobby O’s version, creating a unique sonic experience that is as fresh as it is irresistible. Clocking in at 116 BPM, the track takes a deliberately slower tempo, allowing for an immersive exploration of its intricate layers and mesmerising vocals. The track was expertly co-produced and engineered by the acclaimed British producer, Jamie Sellers, known for his work with some of the industry's most notable talents. To make this release even more exciting, The Badly Behaved's E.P. includes a riveting remix by the renowned Philipp Lauer, adding an extra layer of intrigue and innovation to this already remarkable project. The E.P. also includes a 'Slowed & Reverb' version, which gives a whole new perspective on this classic track.

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