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The 3148's - Fire at the Meetinghouse

I had the pleasure of previously evaluating The 3148s' music, which exudes a fusion of roots rock with a hint of grunge, punk, and blues. Their trio of impressive singles, namely "Saratoga Ave," "Guillotine," and "Picture of You," captivated listeners, with "Guillotine" standing out as the strongest among them. Now, the Michigan-based band has returned with their latest track titled "Fire at the Meetinghouse." In line with their trademark "Rust Belt sound," the band humbly describes this new offering as "good stuff." And I must say, they couldn't be more accurate! The standout feature of this single is its unyielding intensity, rivaling the sheer power of "Guillotine." The drumming groove is masterfully produced, rendering it irresistible to the ears. The electric guitars and bass display enhanced precision, while the vocals explore diverse tones, including elements of spoken word. In its entirety, "Fire at the Meetinghouse" solidifies The 3148s' reputation for delivering energetic and authentic roots rock music. I highly recommend giving this a listen!

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