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Switchblade Saturdays premiers a killer new single

A fresh single and video from Switchblade Saturdays packs a heavy punch bringing melodic metal and screamo together and mending them with ambient synth tones and outlandish bursts of epic toned choruses.

"Go From Here" features some brutal breakdowns to go right along with it's polished and flowing bridges and fuzzed vocals, crushing screams, and guitars that both crunch with massive melodies and riffs . as well as layered lead licks that add to the futuristic space-rock of it all.

This isn't your ordinary metal. This is an insanely radio friendly banger that takes most of the best parts of several heavy genres and melds them into one fierce romp.

It's excellent to hear such a heavy and catchy song with such great taste and dynamic range all rolled into 4 minutes like this.

You'll end up singing along to that hook and banging your head with the rest of it without question.

The track has a bright tone to it that also lets the bands presence shine and with the video to go along with it. there is no stopping Switchblade Saturdays.

The "Go From Here" music video is spectacular in its cinematic approach and storytelling style. It also showcases the band going crazy in a live setting and it gives you more of a sense of the energy that you hear portrayed on the song itself.

This was one hell of a premier and having said that, we went back to check out more from the band and upon doing so we found the sickest rendition of "This Is Halloween" you've ever heard.

These guys are outstanding.

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