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Spotlight Interview With Lucius Echo

A fresh banger from Lucius Echo brings a whole new flavor for the artist in the form of a rap deep cut that brings a driving energy and a heavy sound.

"Kit" stands out with a cross between classic old-school style and newer touches all with a smooth flow and alluring textures that come together to hit hard with an impactful allure.

The track feels like a love letter to hip-hop as a whole and comes with an eerie almost horror inspired synth and keys that bring the chorus to a killer place.

The track haunts and whispers with a memorable hook and chorus and the beat is gritty but with a tasteful production that sticks with you and crawls under your skin.

We're no strangers to Lucius Echo and one of the best aspects about his releases is the diverse range of genres.

The artist writes in many styles and each time showcases a new side of him as a songwriter and even performer as the tracks come through with a gusto and always leave their mark.

With the release of "Kit" we wanted to talk shop about how it all started and where it acame from.

Here's what happened.

RAG: Okay so let's start with "Kit". This track has some aggressive undertones and a fiery rap style. Where did this song come from?

I remember starting to write 'Kit' one evening while I was at work. I was having a particularly bad day and was really itching for a fight. It's a bit early to disclose who exactly inspired the writing. Although when it comes to musical influences, I was definitely still being mainly moved by some $uicideboy$ vibes.

RAG: I'm hearing some outstanding hip-hop styles on this track especially. Who are some of our biggest musical influences?

As for music videos, I'd love to get some done soon, it's more so just getting into a well enough position to get them done rather than desire to do them.

RAG: What do you think is next for you as an artist?

I can't really say what will come next for certain. I know that I'd definitely love to get some collabs done with a couple bands in the future, but for now my focus is on getting the songs I'm still working on completed.

RAG: Have you put any thought behind live performances?

I've absolutely thought on live performances and would love to do so. Over the years, performing my music at various bars or what have you, I've found that my best work is often done in front of a live audience.

RAG: How do you write your songs? Is it lyrics first or beats? Its different for everyone, how does it work for you?

I generally will find a beat I like first. When I feel that I'm prepared to write a new song, that'll be when I look for a beat that matches the vibe I'm feeling, then I'll begin writing the lyrics which can take anywhere between a couple hours in one sitting to multiple months depending on how much I can manage to write in one setting and how long the situation allows me to write when I feel it coming on, if at all.

RAG: Who are you listening to right now?

At this exact moment I'm listening to Krigsgaldr by Heilung, who are definitely on my bucket list to see in concert, it'd be an absolute dream to actually work alongside them to create something.

RAG: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

When I'm not working on music I'm usually listening to music or finding new music to vibe with, aside from that, my times consumed with trying to find ways to manage living day to day. Music's always been an escape for me so when I have the opportunity to work on it, it's always a blessing.

RAG: Was this single a big undertaking for you?

Yes, it definitely was. I started writing it initially almost a full two years before I felt in line with it as a song to come back to and managed to complete.

RAG: Any advice you'd have for other artists out there that are up and coming?

My biggest advice for any new artists is to keep your dream alive but don't let anything rush you other than yourself lest your creation or your vision become tainted. Moderation is key, whatever you're comfortable with, strive for that.

RAG: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

To my fans, and to all of the fans of the good music that your human experience has to offer, be strong, stay weird, and never forget who you are. Embody the Joker's energy and keep growing & evolving whenever, however, and for as long as you see fit.

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