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A new album released from SOHLER is a trashing good time as it brings some bendy math riffs into a progressive rock format and touches on bands like Tool, At The Drive In, and plenty more.

The Vital Signs record is an absolute blast of alt rock melodies and shining energy that becomes insanely addicting.

The fuzztones bass bring on some outstanding lines fuses with the sonic presence of the massive guitars and belting soulful vocals to produce something pretty special.

The album is packed with songs that give that late 90's, early 2000's underground rock sound and pushes the envelope into all kinds of different atmospheres and catchy hooks and choruses.

The songs are really driving and have a certain tonality that's unique and colorful along with tis edge.

At times the give the feeling of watching a band perform live and maybe the songs were recorded live but either way, SOHLER on record has this feel of musicians feeding off of each others energies.

The album as a whole sounds like and a concept album and songs flow into each other and become emotionally driven.

Vital Sings ins a total rock powerhouse and the sound bleeds outside the box to create something different and alluring.

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