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Sleeping Around Global Premier

The New Release form Sleeping Around is a crossover track that incorporates classic alt-pop and hip hop with blended guitars and and indie-pop feel.

"Heart Attack" brings to mind bands like Tears For Fears with baritone reverbed vocals and then intertwines a edgy female vocal to create something of a rock duet.

As the song grows it starts getting heavier guitars and aggressive screams.

That's part of why this song is so damn cool. It's full of surprises to the point of a half time smasher towards the end.

It's ben such a long time since you've heard a song where you just go "wait....what?" and start it over right away.

This is major genre-bender and it's killer all the way through.

These guys did a great job and we can hope the future of music is like this.

"Heart attack, that gut-wrenching, twisted knife in your chest feeling we all endure after the loss of someone close to us. This is the essence of HEART @TTAK and I hope others can relate and view the pain not as suffering but as a tool to become something stronger, wiser, and better than ever before." - Sleeping Around

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