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"Scorched Earth" Premier from Renascentia

Renascentia comes in swinging with a new single that destroys with a major tightness and deepening riffs combined with clean ambient hooks and multiple screams that compliment each other as guitars harmonize and progress throughout the songs course.

"Scorched Earth" is beautifully brutal and creates a world of metal fantasy for you to step into as kick drums gallop and guitars rumble on into arpeggiated solos that scatter across the songs atmosphere.

A blistering hardcore edge blends with eternal screams and the band brings together all kinds of metal styles to one giant track that feels like an opus.

Renascentia is an intricate band but not without using emotion to bring drag through the mud style riffs and pulverizing presence to add to their already ultra sonic drive.

The accompanying video is also really intense and goes along with the songs premise or fire and rampage with undertones of brooding melody and headbanging and endless energy.

The track is completely infectious and is meant to be played loud as all hell and be sure and heed the bands warning.

Let's not forget the song is about changing our ways before we destroy our planet.

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