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S.J. Armstrong

Originally from San Diego, S.J. Armstrong is a musician currently based in the Seattle area. In 2013, he moved to Los Angeles to play original folk songs under the stage name "The Mysterious Mr. Shoe." Eventually reconnecting with his roots, Armstrong returned to his real name and began an infinite journey to develop a unique sound to capture the feeling of life in this century. Interest in some demos at the end of 2017 led to the planning of an EP. In July of 2018, Armstrong started recording at Capitol Studios. In May of 2019, he self-released a vinyl-only EP titled "Well-Traveled." The record was well-received, and Armstrong continued to build it into an album. "The Narrow Coast" was completed in February of 2020, and originally planned for release in the summer of that year. However, the pandemic caused it to be postponed for two years. In 2021, Armstrong relocated to the Seattle area. In 2023, S.J. finished his second album, "Clothed by the Dark." This record has its roots in the same sonic niche as the previous one. Heavily distorted guitars and unconventional layers serve as counterweights to sparkling vocal arrays. Lyrically, Clothed by the Dark battles the endless monotony of conventional life. It synthesizes themes of storytelling, character description, and poetic abstraction to escape the specter of a troubled past.

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