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Rustic Alternative Pop from Stuart Pearson

Stuart Pearson dropped a full album that carries more rustic alternative songwriting than you may be ready for.

Well, that's if you live under a rock and listen to major radio and nothing else. Which is a terrible idea.

So, crawl on out, and take a gander at the Mojave album.

The album title makes a lot of sense since the record gives that sort of dry, sweat on your brow, slightly dark and chilling style of songwriting.

I mean look, if you love artists like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (which you damn well should). You'll find this record to be a bit of a masterpiece.

The tracks on this tell these stories from eerie perspectives and points of view.

Pearson holds nothing back when creating his pieces and you can tell it's just gool fun for him to do what he does best.

Elements of alternative pop, a dark and rustic folk, and more all show face with these songs and each one brings a little more body to the album as a whole.

This was a really well built and feels like an intricately put together record and it shows just how much Pearson cares for the craft.

This is an artist who puts a ton into his art and gives us all so much great content to feed off of. It's incredible.

Watch and listen to Mojave everywhere (including the links below) and let Stuart Pearson just take the wheel for a while.

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