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Ronan Furlong

Ronan is an Irish musician/songwriter who writes and performs his own material. He produces an eclectic repertoire of highly original, thought-provoking music. The hallmarks of his music are engaging lyrics, strong melodies, committed vocals and skilful guitar playing which compliments the underlying song. 
He is an accomplished guitarist who plays a diverse range of styles. His first guitar teacher was Wexford author and musician Billy Roche. He subsequently received lessons from Mexican guitar virtuosos, Rodrigo y Gabriella, whom he met after one of their early performances in Dublin. 
Ronan plays and writes all of the music on his recordings (with the exception of drums which are played by Brendan Carthy). He typically performs unaccompanied with just a guitar and a microphone in a live setting. 
 His interest in history and philosophy is apparent from his unique lyrics.

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