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Renascentia lends a blistering cover of "The Kill (Bury Me)" by 30 Seconds To Mars

Renascentia jus dropped a surprise cover of "The Kill (Bury Me)" from 30 Seconds TO Mars and it's every bit as powerful and with some additional edge and aggression along with some outstanding guitar work to add color to the songs already beefed up performance.

The track boasts everything you want from a cover of a song like this and some amazing double kick and thrashing that really builds on the emotional platform the song was built from in the first place.

This single really adds more grit and of course metal to the song that personally, we feel was much needed.

One of the best parts is the crazy sludge breakdown you didn't expect full of pitch harmonics and bends that just gets thrown in there for good measure.

The guitar work and drums on this are incredibly well done and the vocals are a bit more flavorful and stick with the main melodies but also brings in some new twists you will end up loving.

Renascentia has their own way of doing things and this cover is a great example of just that. They kept to the songs stature and tastefully brought it to a different place and all the passion is still alive.

Covering a track like this can't be easy. Renascentia pulls it off like it was though. Killing it with style and precision but keeping it breathing and full.

These guys did an amazing job and we'd love to see this performed live by them.

Check out "The Kill (Bury Me)" cover from Renascentia below.

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