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Rachel Lynn gets personal and passionate with her new EP release

A new EP release from Rachel Lynn is an absolutely beautiful and soul socked record that brings a contemporary pop and R&B feel together to create a vivid and powerful soundscape that reaches down deep and stays with you.

The Appreciate Me EP is packed with gorgeous and tasteful hooks and gospel influenced backing vocals that give the whole thing such a rich atmosphere that it's nearly impossible to let go of.

Songs range from huge and full band pop songs and blend in with more acoustic, stripped-down styles and it all has that true to heart and genuine vibe.

The songs all seem to be coming from experience and emotionally driven situations that she needed to get off her chest. What better way to do such a thing than with song.

Of course, we can't all do these things but it's amazing to listen to something like this. It's incredibly relatable and feels warming to listen to.

With each and every song you can clearly hear Lunn's absolute love for her craft. Not just singing but songwriting as well.

The songs have cinematic undertones and come through with a vivid character each time.

This was a gracefully performed record that comes through impactful and real.

Her true power is in her singing for sure. They have the ability to let you get washed away with them or, to keep you a float with them.

They swim around you and take over in a way.

This was an outstanding release from a passionate performer and songwriter.

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