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Promises Promises

Promises Promises releases pop rock single "About The Heart" and it hits the sweet spot you've been looking for.

With a touch of 90's influence and a mature songwriting style crossed with a youthful energy, the single gives off a powerful and fun feel. Complete with belting vocals in the vein of Bryan Adams and a band that brings the classic Tom Petty rock style, "About The Heart" actually does have plenty of heart.

The track sounds like something you may have heard before and starts brewing a warn and familiar feeling while guitars rock with a gusto.

The aesthetic is pure and if you listen with headphones and close your eyes you can see a summer sunset in the distance.

This single has a way of bringing up memories of good times with friends and loved ones. That's where the youthful part comes in. You can't help but reminisce to your self about your youth while this track plays on.

A great radio rock song from a seasoned band, "About The Heart" is worth your playlists.

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