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Paulus Potters

Paulus POTTERS was born at Goirle in The Netherlands. He started playing music when he was SEVEN years old. His first instrument was the recorder. He played baroque and renaissance music for seven years. He became interested in Jazz and started playing the piano. He started taking piano lessons allowing him to experiment and improvise. He was able to expand his knowledge of musical composition. After graduation from grammar school, Gymnasium in Tilburg where he studied latin and greek, Paulus went to the University of UTRECHT were he studied musicology. Later he enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in TILBURG. Paulus decided for a career in music to returne to the University. He was graduated at the CONSERVATORY OF ROTTERDAM with superior figure. Paulus POTTERS has played with a lot of prominent musicians from both Holland and Abroad : • From Holland : Thijs VAN LEER, Jody PIJPER, Lisa BORAY, Lilian VIEIRA, Oscar HARRIS and Midi, Eddie CONARD, Peter TIEHUIS, Marcel SCHIMSCHEIMER, Marcel SERIERSE, Kees TEN DAM and Denise JANNAH. • From Abroad : Butch MORRIS, Roy JAY, Jean-Albert RENAUD-WHITE (who worked with Eumir DEODATO) and Ingram WASHINGTON. Since 1975, Paulus has been the leader of several own groups. He has produced many CD’s and performs regularly. Paulus Potters also played with Marcel SCHIMSCHEIMER and Herman van HAAREN who played couples of years later on Michael JACKSON’s CD Xscape. They played and recorded Paulus compositions on Paulus Potters CD Emotions “Bronco-Busting” and Paulus Potters & Voodoo Chops CD Inner Spaces “What are you talking about” (available on iTunes store). In recognition of his compositions Paulus POTTERS has also received Several Awards at the BILLBOARD SONG CONTEST Oklahoma into category jazz and category pop. Julio Iglesias was the President into the POP jury. Frank Zappa was President into the jazz jury. Paulus POTTERS range of musical styles is very diverse: rock, funk, jazz, latin and classical. He is also writing music for classical choirs. Paulus POTTERS as a composer wrote many original music for visual art and participated into :  A Dutch historical long movie “Recht van Wind” Please visit extrait :  a TV Series for National French T.V. “Les Coups de Coeur de Bruno” Luxuy tourism and gastronomy. That TV series (10 episodes) was broadcasted in 54 COUNTRIES over the world and on Air France Long Distance flights. Please visit one of the episodes :  Several TV spots for Dutch TV  A modern ballet “Lost in the City” with a famous U.K. – Dutch choregrapher. Please enjoy the ballet dancers on Paulus Potters music.

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