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Odeons leaves their mark with their new single "Not The One"

O D E O N S just dropped an alternative rock banger what feels lush with textured guitars and alluring vocals that swirl together with some serious drive and create something that feels both cinematic and slightly nostalgic at the same time.

"Not The One" is a powerful and melodically enticing track that delves into a conscious and tasteful alt-rock sound complete with hooks from both guitars and vocals throughout the songs course.

The song has a crunch to it and a dark edge that utilizes guitars to fill the air and create an atmosphere that becomes its own pretty quickly.

Those vocals are incredibly genuine and feel good to listen to as they bring to mind singers like Johnette Napolitano (Concrete Blonde) with a unique vibrato and feel.

The band has a near perfect energy and feels like they bounce that energy off of each other as they rock this track out.

The single has a professional sheen to it and sounds almost familiar which is what gives that nostalgic feeling we spoke of earlier.

There is an air of early 2000's rock in there that mixes in with underground alternative and arena rock that all comes together in a particular way to make a song that has an almost alive and breathing approach to it.

O D E O N S has made something quite beautiful with "Not The One" and it's worthy your time and playlists for sure.

We can only hope that this is just the beginning for the band and that we hear lots more in the near future as we surly need rock like this in our lives.

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