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Nothing Short of Tragic Takes On A Youthful Rock Cross Over With No Kings EP

Nothing Short Of Tragic just released a fresh EP that touches on so much of your favorite early 2000's underground alt bands but also crosses it with a hip-hop undertone, pop-punk aesthetic, and it's own quirk that makes this band all their own.

The No Kings EP has an amazing honesty in the lyrics almost like early Weezer but with an At The Drive Inn and Blink 182 sheen to everything.

The drive and energy is awe inspiring as drums absolutely slam and guitars thrash on while vocals are overcome with emotion and swagger.

This record is different than most and this is a major part of why its so worth your time.

You'll get caught up in the youthful gusto and heavy pop aspects and lyrical phrasing and the whole feel of this EP becomes incredibly addicting.

The whole band has this persona. Each instrument has character and it all comes together in a blissful high octane presence.

The record makes you think of your younger days and the things that your life was about back then. It's like a time capsule but with a fresh twist.

You quickly get the idea that Nothing Short of Tragic would be killer to see live and maybe that'll be possible one day soon.

For now we'll gladly take this EP.

You can crank this whole think up to 10 with no regrets and we suggest you do just that.

Dig into this musical diary of sorts and rock out with these guys. You'll be really glad you did.

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