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Nightfloor, born in Nantes (France) is a french international deejay, beatmaker and producer. At an early age, Nightfloor taught himself the piano by listening to soul and R&B american singers. He developed the ability to recite music, as well as arrange chords to create songs. At the age of 18, Nightfloor begun to mix as deejay in famous french parties Hot Vibes, where he met a lot of artists. During the following 6 yeas he mixed everywhere on the French West Coast and worked on his first 3 R&B mixtapes CD, including bonus tracks he produced with french HIP HOP and R&B singers. In 2006, Nightfloor supervised his debut album ORIGINAL PLAYER (20 tracks created by Nightfloor himself : R&B, HIPHOP, Reggaeton & Dancehall) with 30 international artists and was sold everywhere in France. Between 2006 and 2009 he produced tracks for well known french artists. In november 2009, Nightfloor went to his First Time to Los Angeles to record and produce with Dem Jointz his first international single R&B duet "M.I.A" between LeMarvin & Krys Ivory. In 2012 he produced his first video with DJ Doll's "Drop It Low" in Miami with Francisco & Fatman Scoop. Since 2012 Nightfloor was on tour in France with many international artists and he produced tracks for 112, Rah Digga, Lloyd, Tory Lanez, The Game and mny more.... He's now working on this first R&B album LeMarvin.

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