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Nicole & Scotty Get dumb on the internet

Pop Duo Nicole & Scotty just released their latest single dubbed "Dumb On The Internet" and it's the epitome of what youthful pop encompasses.

The track builds into wonderfully colorful and bright sound and keeps you bopping along while acoustic guitar keeps it afloat, a hip hop style beat, and indie pop vocals shine on.

Synths burst in and piano root notes accompany the addictive chorus and Nicole's amazingly perfected character and attitude.

This is and endlessly fun single and speaks for a plethora of teens and young adults in an almost anthemic way.

Now, this isn't the first rodeo for the Duo as they have some killer singles already released like the ever catchy and radio friendly "Sweet and Sour" dropped last year.

Nicole & Scotty certainly have their own formula that seems to really be working well for them and you can actually hear their evolution as musicians since 2018.

"Dumb On The Internet" is a defining moment for the two of them musically and we love to hear actual pop bangers like this done with humor and such a tasteful songwriting style.

We hope to hear more from them soon!

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